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Hand-Made Suits

Hand-Made Suits

Hand-Made Suits

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Contact: Barry Taylor

Company: Rosenberg Clothier

Email: info@rosenbergclothier.com

Website: www.rosenbergclothier.com

Formation of a Modern Haberdashery

A haberdashery was a store were men could acquire custom made suits, shirts, shoes, and hats.  There were no salesmen, only a fitter and counselor in men's styles and knowledge of fabrics.  Rosenberg Clothier, a new company with an old twist and a fondness and appreciation of custom made clothing, decided to get away from off-the-rack apparel and become known as a modern day haberdashery.  It had become virtually impossible for clients to build a formidable wardrobe having to replace apparel every two or three years.  Rosenberg knew that rack clothing would never look, wear, or drape like a custom tailored suit that was built to an individual's proportions and proper color schemes to enhance appearance.   The life expectancy of a custom made suit is ten years plus.

It is a known fact that the individual who knows how to exploit the world of permanent fashion versus seasonal fashion will earn $250,000 more than his contemporaries during his lifetime. Permanent fashion embraces the tried and true styles: the American and Traditional Classic, and the European Traditional and Classic.  Old twist as previously mentioned is the point where you meet your personal Concierge of Mens Clothing.  Your Concierge will guide you in understanding the why, what, and how of permanent fashion.  He or she will assist in you finding your personal style, your primary colors, your personal use of patterns, and all the nuances.

Rosenberg Clothier has instituted a unique email choice system. They understand how inundated you can become with emails, so they provide you with the following selection:

-       No emails

-       No emails except (seasonal newsletter)

-       All specials

-       Email: suits and shirts, and specials

-       Email: shoe specials

-       Email: hats specials

Unlike some websites, Rosenberg Clothier can dress you from head to toe. There are 40 pairs of shoes in the Rosenberg Clothiers cobbler shop.  Worth & Worth Hats? of New York City offers a variety of styles such as the smart looking driving cap, Fendora or Panama.  Orlando Palacios is your master hat maker. Whatever the mood, Orlando is able to top off the appropriate Chapo.

Rosenberg Clothiers Mission is:  

We do not sell apparel, we create your image




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