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Hand-Made Suits

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The Process


Rosenbergs process for custom tailored clothing is simple and detailed to insure as perfect a fit as possible. We ask our clients during the initial consultation with the Concierge of Mens Clothing to provide us with six pictures in color. This can be accomplished with a cell phone or a digital camera. Three of the pictures should show the full length of your body: front, side and back. Three additional colored pictures should be taken approximately six to eight inches below your waist and to the top of your head--front, side and back profiles.

Your Concierge will be there to answer your questions or concerns. Your Concierges open calendar is available at a click on our website. If it is filled, send your questions in an email. Remember your Concierge is your contact as long as you are with Rosenberg Clothier. The information needed for the consultation will be as follows:

1. Name

2. Mailing address (no postal address)

3. Telephone number or Email address (to communicate important

information or ask questions about a client order)

4. Age

5. Weight or weight range

6. Profession

7. Anticipated usage of apparel

8. Hobby or hobbies

9. Six photos or more (as mentioned above)

10. Your birthday

Rosenberg listens to our clients. The questions above are information your Concierge needs to best serve you in developing your image. We assist you in developing a substantial and permanent wardrobe. Your custom tailored clothing is a major element to your success in life and clothes do make the man.

We also understand you have a career or profession to pursue. If youre a golfer you may have a golf pro to assist you. With the extinction of haberdasheries you no longer have that person to best assist you in proper fashion, individually designed for you. There are certain rules in permanent dress and we will walk you through the process, then you choose your investment strategy. We will take that one custom tailored suit and multiply its many looks. If we dont have what you want, we will find it for you.

If you are already a dresser and occasionally have your apparel altered, we would encourage that you put us in touch with your seamstress or alteration specialist. We preferto use someone you already know and trust. Your Concierge will take your six photos and develop a style plan based on your proportion, complexion, eye and hair color, age, lifestyle and your desires. With proper care, your custom made apparels life expectancy will be a decade plus. Gentlemen, that is the only way to build a personalized wardrobe of custom fitted clothing. Arent you tired of replacing those off-the-rack apparel every two to three years.

Contact your Concierge.

We do not sell apparel, we create your image

Create your image: http//www.rosenbergclothier.com




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