Hand-Made Suits

Hand-Made Suits

Hand-Made Suits

Hand-Made Suits

Hand-Made Suits

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Custom Suits and Custom Shirts

Belts should match either your trousers or shirt:         

False     Belts should always match your shoes in texture and color.                                                

Belts should protrude 2 to 3 inches or slightly past the        
True  first belt loop

It is proper to wear a belt and braces together.                                                
False It is not proper; either one or the other.

It’s appropriate to button the bottom button of suit  
False jackets, sport coats or blazers.

Ties are used to enhance either a short or long                
False sleeve shirt.                                                                                                 

It is inappropriate to wear a tie with a short sleeve shirt
unless you are a fast food manager.

The market has made it much easier for us by 
matching ties and pocket squares together.

According to “Men’s Dress”, never wear the two together;
it places you on a lower level.      

These questions where not made up; we see these mistakes daily.    Appropriate dress is based upon what is acceptable in the environment you find yourself.  Better to learn the rules of proper decorum so you don’t embarrass yourself or the person with you.  Knowing the rules gives you the confidence that your dress will always fit the occasion.  If you know it, others will likewise. Whatever your present wardrobe situation, start to you learn the rules and adhere to them in your casual to business dress.

The benefit of this exercise is that you become cognizant of matching your purchases to expand your wardrobe, like matching your socks to your trousers.  Whether you are at the office, casual Friday or a family barbeque you should apply the proper dress code for the occasion.

t Rosenberg Clothier we realize that the “Men’s Shop and Men’s Haberdasheries” have all but disappeared, but the custom tailors we use will come to understand your primary features:  complexion, proportion, eye and hair color, and your age in order to custom tailor your apparel for that made to fit look.

You might have your golf pro, tennis pro, track couch, or acting couch, but now you also have your custom clothier. We understand schedules vary which is why Rosenberg Clothier established a position of “Concierge of Men’s Clothing” to accommodate and assist you in creating the image you desire regardless of your size or stature.   We guarantee you will love the way you look!

More info at: rosenbergclothier.com

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