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Good Taste is Priceless
Men have a habit of choosing their apparel from what they see on billboards, magazines and TV.  Remember, hours of analyzing and choosing the right model to present that particular piece of apparel is what you do not see.  Learning how to dress is not as difficult as it seems.  Women choose their apparel differently than men.  They select an item of clothing; hold it up to their body to get a feel if the color and style accentuate their looks.

Men’s Hats

Hats came into fashion along with the industrial revolution to keep pollution, smoke and man made smog out of your hair.  Hats are also used to keep the sun at bay and as protection from the cold.  Whatever the reason, hats are making a comeback, so club and restaurant owners need to take note and provide hat wearers a place to hang their hats. 

Custom Suits and Custom Shirts

At Rosenberg Clothier you have a “Concierge of Men’s Clothing” in place to escort you through this exciting world of true men's style and permanent fashion.  The following are true and false questions to test your knowledge.  The correct answers follow the quiz.  

Custom Tailored Suits
Gentlemen, the foundation of wardrobe building is the suit, as it should be.  Your custom tailored suit should become you, your signature look.  Your suit is not a purchase, it’s an investment.  You will not only feel good about yourself, but confident as well.  Your “Concierge of Men’s Clothing” will answer your concerns and assist you in developing a wardrobe you will be comfortable with. 

Custom Tailored Shirts

Your custom tailored shirts should enhance your suit.  Once you understand the concept of your primary color for your complexion, along with your eye and hair color, you will be more knowledgeable to do your window shopping. 

The Cobbler’s Shoes

Gentlemen, if you do not know it, allow me to apprise you of a fact.  Women will look at your face first, peek at your nails, but the real deal breaker is your shoes.  My tailor, whom I had been using since 1965, suggested I use his cobbler to make my first pair of handcrafted shoes. Two days later I went in to pick up my new shoes and the cobbler suggested I wear them for the day.  After sight seeing the better part of the day, boat ride and dinner that night, I returned to the hotel after midnight.  I sat down to remove my shoes and suddenly realized that I had a brand new pair of shoes on.  I realized how good these shoes felt on my feet after wearing them all day, unlike my truly favorite off the rack shoes that took multiple times of wearing to get comfortable.  I returned to the cobbler’s shop the next day and ordered four more pairs.  

Custom Tailored Men’s Suits
Regardless of your profession, interests or whomever you would like to impress or influence, knowing how to dress can assist you in attaining your goals.  Appropriate attire tells those you are trying to influence that you respect the rules of good taste and decorum.  Alan Flusser states it plainly, paraphrasing a quote from the author, Pearl Binder, “Dress is the outward expression of man’s state of mind.”  Remember, your face is the first thing people see and they size you up according to how you framed that picture.  Custom tailored clothing will go a long way in achieving your objective; remember dressing is a skill.

Why Custom Tailored Clothing?

I have been intrigued with custom tailoring since the 1950s.  Mr. Thomas D. Neelands, a Wall Street player, insisted my father, the chauffeur, wear tailored uniforms.  Mr. Neelands was an impeccable dresser.  During that time, I observed that there were only a few men visiting the estate that were not so well dressed.  They were the assistants to the major players during meetings, running errands, etc.  Imagine, if you can, no cell phones, I-Pads, or laptops and not a PC in sight. 

I remember one meeting with foreign dignitaries that had stenographers and interpreters. My father and other chauffeurs wore custom uniforms and I noticed how the other chauffeurs looked up to them.  I entered college wearing a dark gray, two button suit with sleeves a half an inch shorter than my custom made shirts.  My mother threatened to kill me for spending the money when I brought them home. Mr. Gezzepie only charged me half of what everyone else was paying and told me to be discrete and just follow orders. 

Building A Custom Wardrobe
Building a wardrobe is more than the custom tailored suit or the custom fitted shirts you invest in. Rosenberg’s “Concierge of Men’s Clothing” will make an imprint in your lifestyle.  Your style is based on your individual proportion, complexion, eye and hair color, profession and personal desires.  You will learn what colors best enhance your personal picture.  However, the starting point begins with your grooming which we will discuss later.  Here we will cover the foundation on how to build your wardrobe.  We will continuously strive to answer any questions you, our client and prospective client, might have.

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